We offer more than just tattoo removal.


Hair Removal

At Renewal Laser we use an 808 diode laser which is considered the gold standard in hair removal. The cooling head increases client comfort during treatment.

Our 808 diode reduces hair growth on all skin types including very fair, olive or African-American skin. Fine or light colored hair is difficult to treat and some fair, blonde or gray hair may not be removed. Medium to dark hair are the easiest hair colors to treat using our 808 diode laser.

Our hair removal system is very comfortable and most patients feel a warm sting as the laser penetrates the hair follicle. To increase your comfort during treatment we also use our Zimmer Cryo Chiller to cool and soothe the skin.

Hair follicles are active at different times and therefore several treatments will be necessary to get your desired results. The number of treatments needed varies, but most clients will experience a significant reduction in hair growth in about 6 treatments. Factors such as age, hair density and hormones can affect the results of your treatment. Book today!


 IPL Photofacials

Sun damage is a risk of living in Florida. Come in for a treatment with our IPL (intense-pulse light) to even out the skin tone on your hands, face, back, chest, legs or just about anywhere prone to getting damaged by the sun. Our IPL can remove and reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles and pigment imperfections. This technology works best on skin types 1-3. People with a tan, or increased melanin are not good candidates for this procedure. On average about 3-4 session will be necessary to achieve the desired results.